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Vaig “True To My Word”


I was pretty impressed with Vaig. It seems like instead of just freestyling what comes to mind he takes time to craft intelligent lyrics, always a sign of a great writer. It’s aggravating when artists think that what flies off the top of their head is gold because in most cases it isn’t. In fact, in most cases it’s a rehash of old rhymes. Vaig doesn’t appear to do this.  I enjoyed every song I heard on this album. The music and lyrics are smart, pulled me in and I especially like “Cruel Summer“. The smoothness in his voice pulls off a variety of moods so that every song doesn’t really sound the same. He has other great songs but keeping the fanfare at a minimum, I blast Vaig’s album here at a solid 9 on the volume knob. It is that good!


Niji Magazine Vaig Album Review

By Brandon Schiafone of Mafia House Promotions

Diverse, lyrical, fun: just a few words that can easily describe Pittsburgh hip hop artist Vaig’s latest LP “True To My Word”.

Occasionally, when listening to albums from up-and-coming musicians, you find that album that makes you ask yourself, “How is this person not famous yet?” This is certainly one of those albums. Though the themes of the featured tracks are not incredibly extensive, Vaig indulges his listeners in eighteen tracks that exude his confidence, speak of dedication to music, and, of course, talk about those good times to be had with the ladies, maintaining an almost bouncy tone throughout the entire record, while displaying his passion and enjoyment for creating music.

The production of this album is flawless. Never have I heard an album from an unsigned musician that sounded like it was straight from a record label. Vaig’s vocals, as well as those of all of his featured artists, are clear and understandable, with no distortion or overproduction on any account.

Vaig TTMW. The perfect amount of effects were used when they were applied, and none of these instances are tedious or irritating like they have the potential of being. The instrumentals used were also terrifically selected.

There is not one boring or dull instrumental featured on this album; even those that seem monotonous in the beginning pick up almost immediately, giving you very little time to doubt them.

The artists selected to collaborate in this album were also fabulously chosen. Every one of these musicians is incredibly talented, always adding his or her own style and flavour to each track. The rappers included, such as J Steez and Young Royal in “Like Lasers” and Cha’Ron Don in “Bring the 80s back”, are very lyrical and add their own flavour to the tracks; they did not attempt to alter themselves to match Vaig.

The singers featured are also remarkably talented, with excellent voices. However, I feel as if the ladies, such as Jade Lundgren in “Cruel Summer” and Darla in “Like Lasers”, could have done more to show off their voices, although, even without doing this, they are still incredible additions to their respective songs.

The inclusion of these artists demonstrates not only Vaig’s diversity in working with musicians who apply many stylistic variations, but also the handle he holds on his craft. He seems to always know just what his tracks need in order to make them entertaining and enjoyable, presenting an impeccable knowledge of himself, his capabilities, and music in general.

The lyrics constructed for this album were exceptionally well-written. Vaig’s vocabulary and lyric style is very articulate, to the point in which he was able to establish eighteen tracks with little repetition and without the use of any curse words, offensive language, or racial slurs.


In some tracks, Vaig dug so deep into the word bank it was almost shocking to hear some of the words he used. For example, in “Cruel Summer”, he somehow managed to weave the word “expenditures” into his rhymes. I cannot think of anyone who uses that word in conversation, let alone as part of their lyrics. However, despite lyrical talents, a slight overuse of the word “style” was noticed in reference to an individual’s personality.

Originally, when analyzing the structure of “True To My Word”, there were some concerns regarding themes in contrast with track order. It seemed Vaig would go on about one general topic for a few tracks, then switch topics and go on about that for a little while, and so on, with the main themes of the album being Vaig’s confidence of his swagger and ability, women and experiences with them, and the struggles and determination required to be successful.

However, I then realized that the album is structured like a conversation. Vaig would talk to his listeners about one subject for a little while before switching to the next. Regardless of this epiphany, and as much as I appreciate Vaig’s energetic approach to this record, it would have been interesting to hear him rap about subjects closer to his life. It is understandable that artists may be skeptical about making their business public; however, the addition of this type of music would further solidify Vaig’s ability to be an extremely diverse hip hop artist in terms of his variation in style and his capabilities to change up his sound.

If Vaig continues to produce this level of high energy, passionate hip hop that is both entertaining and enjoyable for hip hop fans, it won’t be long before he excels to fame and greatness. All it requires is for him to do his part to ensure that his music reaches as many ears as possible.

This album, and this artist, have potential for greatness, and if Vaig plays his cards right, I foresee his name being on a dotted line in the very near future; he just needs to let his talent, musical knowledge, and passion lead the way for him and guide his hand in his future endeavors. Hip hop fans, this is definitely an album you cannot miss and an artist you should not take your eyes off of.

Lyrics: 9/10

Beats: 10/10

Features: 9.5/10

Production: 10/10

Content: 8/10



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