About Vaig



From the city of Pittsburgh comes Vaig. He made his entrance into the world of hip hop in 2006, and has continuously put in work since his debut album “Fall to Rise.” Vaig is continuing to push new music, he recently dropped the hot single Angel Featuring Cherry Voss to his fans for free download. He has also been performing at numerous venues throughout Pittsburgh such as Levelz and the Wasteland. He has signed a licensing deal with ESPN and his record “Marchin to the Top” is being featured on ESPN’s Unite. His smash singles “Yea Right” and “Glide” are continuing to gain momentum on national and indie radio charts from PA to San Jose. His album True To My Word has been rated a 9 by Hip Rock Magazines Daniel C. Morrison. Vaig’s music is gaining the attention of the national press he recently appeared alongside Black Rob in Miami for an interview on the Rich Flow Show. His singles “Glide” “80$ Back” and “Yea Right” have been featured on Chuck D’s Rap Station’s, Songs that Mean Something. His records “Marchin to the Top,” and “Journey” have reached #1 on 90.5 KSJS Heavy Rotation, Yea Right has reached #3 in heavy rotation, and Like Lasers has reached #1 on medium rotation on 90.5. Additionally, his three previous records have gone all the way to #1 in heavy rotation on San Jose’s 90.5.

Vaig’s music has been featured on SpinSyndicateRadio.com, AllHipHop.com, DJ Booth, RapStation.com, HipHopSpeakeasy.com, RepPittsburghHipHop.com, The UK’sNiji Magazine, Rewind Radio with BlakkSteel, LD Music Blog, The Bum Rush ShowRobots and Bass Drops, Solo Vibes Music, MocRadio.com, 94.3 KDUC, Spitfirehiphop.com, NeXRadio, Square1Nation, and BWDRadio.com as well as various other blogs and magazines.


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